About Us

The Law Office of Rachelle D. Carter is located in the greater Houston Downtown area. We are an office dedicated to protecting our clients rights and working closely with them to get them the best outcome on any case.

The Law Office of Rachelle D. Carter is dedicated to helping you. Our office works hard to protect your rights in all your legal matters.We provide comprehensive services in a broad range of practice areas. Whether you have been arrested for DWI or a Drug Crime, we can help. Our Attorney’s handle all forms of cases from Federal to State, from misdemeanors to felonies.

The Law Office of Rachelle D. Carter will deliver practical, efficient solutions to its clients. We are a team working together to meet our clients needs. We understand our clients needs and are a dependable office that will create solutions to address our clients specific needs.

We value the confidence that our clients have placed on the Law Office of Rachelle D. Carter. We are proud to help our clients in the Houston and surrounding areas, and as we expand our areas of practice guarantee that our commitment to each and every client will remain the same: to provide the best effective, representation and service that each client deserves and needs.

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