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I’m facing a DUI charge, what should I do?

Once accused of a DUI many people feel they have no other recourse than to plead guilty, and never bother to put up a defense. Few are aware, for instance, that frequently very serious errors occur during police procedures, which can result in a dismissal of charges. Consequently, it is imperative that you contact an attorney from The Law Office of Rachelle D. Carter before making a plea of any kind. The sooner we hear from you the greater the likelihood is that we can effectively mitigate the damages.

You’ve been accused of a serious crime, but you’re innocent. What now?

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare! But being innocent will not prevent you from being convicted. So what does it mean, if I’ve been arrested and charged with the crime? An arrest indicates that the Prosecutor feels strongly about having sufficient evidence against you to secure a conviction. To be certain there are innocent people languishing in prisons across the nation for crimes they didn’t commit. You must move swiftly to defend yourself against any false claims. Contact The Law Office of Rachelle D. Carter immediately, and we will fight to ensure that your innocence is protected and that you are not wrongfully convicted and sentenced.

I need an effective defense attorney. How do I select one?

Finding a criminal defense attorney who will aggressively defend your case can be intimidating. Consider the qualifications and experience of the lawyers and their supporting legal staff. The Law Office of Rachelle D. Carter has successfully defended a vast amount of criminal charges, ranging from misdemeanors to felonies.

How likely is it that I will go to jail?

It is not uncommon for jail or prison time to be imposed as a penalty under law when facing a criminal charge. Therefore, you must fight to avoid being given the maximum penalty. The Law Office of Rachelle D. Carter has experienced and reliable negotiators who can skillfully work out reduced penalties and fees, dismissal of charges, and alternative sentencing/or not guilty verdict, during this critical time.

Should I bother defending a misdemeanor?

Though typically less serious, a misdemeanor may still result in jail time of up to two years in some instances, if there’s a conviction. Never hesitate to defend yourself against any criminal offense.

I’m afraid I can’t afford a Defense Lawyer. Are they costly?

In the long run, the considerable costs you may face from significant fines, exceeding insurance premiums, loss of a license, time, and even loss of employment, along with potential jail time, can be far greater than any standard legal fees.

How can the Law Office of Rachelle D. Carter assist me with my case?

You can count on us to deliver excellent and aggressive representation for cases including DUI, theft crimes, fraud, sex crimes, drug crimes & drug possession, domestic violence, assault & battery, and murder/manslaughter, as well as Family Law including divorces or child support. The Law Office of Rachelle D. Carter has a team that will work closely with each client and guarantees that our commitment to each and every client will remain the same: to provide the best effective, representation and service that each client deserves and needs.

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